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Purpose and Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Information To Prospective Candidates And Their Parents

The term extracurricular activities refers to, any activities that take place outside of the regular curriculum. The activities are voluntary, and students do not receive grades for academic credit for them. These activities are offered outside of college hours, but within the college setting. Extra-curricular activities are pursued to educate the whole person, academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and physically. Extra-curricular activities complement the students academic studies or curriculum and make them more comprehensive and richer. It is the college goal that through these opportunities, the students will learn life skills such as team work, leadership, and ethical, collaborative and critical thinking

It develops the student’s moral excellence and social adjustment. Something must be done to make the college activity centered around; extra-curricular activities. Education aims at the development of the whole man, his physical fitness, his mental alertness, his moral excellence and his social adjustment. Therefore, the educational activities should not be exclusively concerned with the teaching of prescribed courses, but should reflect the other objectives of education

Extracurricular activities, offer students a chance to improve their soft skills which in future, employers look for in their employees. These skills include decision making, relationship building, communicating with others, organization (of time, people, resources, etc.), responsibility, problem solving, teamwork, independence and maturity. These are skills, which are best learned by doing, and students who are active in extracurricular activities can demonstrate that they have a chance to practice all of these and more on a regular basis.

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